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You can stay in the accommodation constructed with natural materials, surrounded by wild nature.



 健康と環境に配慮した木造ロッジ、床下に炭を敷き詰め、自然エネルギー発電、石鹸シャンプーリンス洗剤も全てオーガニック使用です。無料ドリンク(温かい健康茶、冷たい天然水)もあります。 広いテラスでは、食事やPC作業のほか、バードフィーディングやバードウォッチング(双眼鏡無料貸出)、ハンモックやヨガ(ヨガマット無料貸出)等も楽しめます。


オーガニック・ビーガンの食事を楽しむ、森のフットパスを歩く、近くの温泉に浸かる、パワースポットを訪ねる•••その他 有料オプションで、原始力充電ツアー、ハーブサウナデトックス、健康カウンセリング、料理教室などもあります。体質改善を目的にしたセミナーステイプランもありますので、お気軽にご相談下さい。 どうぞ、心地よい時間をご自由にアレンジして、貴方だけの心と体の癒しのリトリートをお楽しみ下さい。


When you stay at TAO Retreat, you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend time detoxing and relaxing in the rich nature of Aso. The sound of the stream, the chirping of birds, and the star-filled sky will enrich your mind.


 The type of our building is a wooden lodge, designed with health and the environment in mind. Charcoal is laid out under the floor. It is powered by natural energy, and all soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and detergents are organic products. Free drinks (hot healthy tea, cold natural water) are available. On the large terrace, in addition to eating and working on the computer, you can enjoy bird feeding, bird watching (free binoculars rental), hammocks, yoga (free yoga mat rental), etc.


Enjoy organic and vegan meals, walk along the forest footpath, soak in the nearby hot springs, visit power spots, etc. Paid options include primal force recharging tours, herbal sauna detox, health counseling, and cooking classes. There is also a seminar stay plan to improve your health, so please feel free to contact us for details. Please feel free to arrange your own comfortable time and enjoy your own healing retreat for your mind and body.





TAO retreat体質改善セミナーステイを希望される方は こちら




The Instructor of Macrobiotic cuisine serves meals of great life force, using organic foods harvested in the garden of the facility.


Check in & Check out

Check in : 15:00~(18:00までにはご入館下さい。遅れる場合は必ずご連絡下さい)

Please let us know in case you will arrive later than 6pm.

Check out : ~11:00 


Check in : 15:00 ~(Please arrive  by 18:00.If you are late, please be sure to contact us.)

Check out : ~10:00


Adult (older than 13 years old) with Breakfast & Dinner




6~12 years old

¥6,000+税 (tax)/人(person) 



2~5 years old




Group (10 or more persons) and Consecutive stay(4 nights or more) can be discounted.




Adult (older than 13 years old) without meal




6~12 years old

¥4,000+税 (tax)/人(person) 



2~5 years old


Please email to to make reservation for lodging.